The Douglas County Amateur Radio Club is a not-for-profit, general-service club for Ham Radio Operators in and near Lawrence, and Douglas County, Kansas. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio. Founded in 1970, DCARC has been serving hams in the region for over fifty years. In 2021, we celebrated 50 years as an ARRL Affiliated Club! DCARC meetings are governed by its constitution and bylaws

Annual Dues:

  • Individual Membership: $25/year
  • Family Membership: $30/year (Be sure to include a list of licensed family members.)
  • Student Membership: $10/year

Please mail this year’s dues to the club postal address:

Douglas County Amateur Radio Club
P.O. Box 1404
Lawrence, KS 66044-8404


If you’re not yet licensed, but interested in learning more about ham radio, the ARRL web site has a wealth of information about getting started in amateur radio. The club conducts training and testing sessions on a regular basis. Contact the officers at the above link.