Revision adopted 14 August 2019

The W0UK repeater is privately owned and operated by the Douglas County Amateur Radio Club, and is provided as a service to the amateur radio community in the Lawrence Kansas area. If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, you are not authorized to use the 146.16 MHz frequency with a correct access tone, when located within range of this repeater.


Transmitting on 146.16 MHz with a subaudible tone of 88.5Hz to knowingly activate the W0UK repeater is considered use of the repeater. Users who knowingly use the W0UK repeater and who do not comply with these terms may be banned by the trustee from using the W0UK repeater for a specified period of time. This action is authorized under 47 CFR 97.205 (e) “Limiting the use of a repeater to only certain user stations is permissible.” Flagrant or repeated violation of FCC regulations will be reported to the ARRL Volunteer Monitoring Program, which may refer the matter to the FCC for enforcement. Serious and intentional violation of this agreement should be reported to the repeater trustee or other member of the repeater team. Please note that content passed on the W0UK repeater may be recorded and later shared with Official Obsever or FCC enforcement personnel. All users must comply with all FCC regulations, including the prohibition of profanity, music, commercial traffic, or malicious interference. See 47 CFR §97.113 Prohibited transmissions. (a) No amateur station shall transmit: (4) obscene or indecent words or language. For clarity regarding what is obscene, since Amateur Radio is not a subscription service, see

The W0UK repeater is open for use to all persons holding a valid amateur radio license who also agree to operate under these terms, and who is not currently under a trustee ban from this repeater. Per FCC rules, any person (licensed or unlicensed) may use the W0UK repeater in an emergency situation involving life, safety, or significant property loss, when no other communications method is feasible or practical.

The W0UK repeater is sometimes used to support community events or emergency services. During these events, please be respectful of the event, and use other area repeaters or simplex or another band during the duration of the event. The W0UK repeater also hosts regularly scheduled nets; please yield the use of the repeater during these nets.

The W0UK repeater is intended to connect area amateur radio operators in an inclusive environment. Accordingly, all users of the W0UK repeater are to conduct communications in a courteous manner. While it can be worthwhile to explore alternative viewpoints, it is imperative that one refrain from personal attacks and Ad-Hominem arguments. If you allow your passion to destroy your civility, you may be asked to take your argument to another venue. Failure to comply with such a request may be referred to the Repeater trustee for possible further action. If conducting an extended conversation, please allow others the opportunity to break in to use the repeater to call other operators.

Amateur radio is a self-policing service. If a user of the W0UK repeater is not following the terms of this agreement, a polite reminder referring the user to this agreement is appropriate. If any user becomes confrontational, or uses the repeater while known to be subject to a current trustee ban, the appropriate action for all other users is to change frequencies. No warranty of service is expressed or implied. This repeater is maintained by a volunteer staff. Service outages or other issues may occur which may require an extended time period to correct. The club and the trustee assume no liability in such an event.